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Congratulations, if you’ve just received your new Foldspear! This travel pole spear is very easy to use while remaining sturdy and versatile. With a minimal amount of care, the Foldspear should provide you with years of efficient service. Here are a few notes on the basic use and maintenance of your Foldspear.

Basic Foldspear Use

Holster – The comfortable and streamlined Foldspear holster is an integral part of the whole Foldspear package. The holster is quick and easy to put on because of the two fully adjustable straps with quick release buckles. Use the velcro adjustments to set the straps to the correct length, then place the top strap around your waist and connect the quick release buckle. Then do the same for the bottom strap which goes around the thigh just above the knee. There are a pair of drainage holes at the bottom of the holster.

Readying Your Spear

The folded spear should be inserted into the holster tip & band end first, this way the Foldspear can be grabbed quickly and safely with one hand after flipping open the velcro flap on the holster. Grasp the folded spear by the small, forward tip end of the spear and it will open and extend to full length by itself. Most standard 6mm tips will thread on to this end of the spear.
Gripping a Foldspear

To “load” the polespear, grasp the rubber latex band between your thumb and forefinger, and slide your hand forward on the spear to build tension on the band.




After you slide your hand up the Foldspear to the textured grip section(still holding the band between thumb and forefinger) you will be able to point and aim the spear with one hand. Simply point the spear where you want to shoot, and let the spear slide through your hand as the band propels the spear forward. Effective range is usually a little further than the distance that the band is pulled up the spear when loading.  Note: Range can be extended by using the Hi-Power Polespear band available in our catalog.
Basic Foldspear Care

1. Like all of your dive gear, you should soak your Foldspear in freshwater after every dive. Spraying the gear does not wash away the salt crystals as well as actually dunking the equipment, and letting it soak for a while is even better.
2. The threaded aluminum pieces at both ends of the spear should be loosened before you soak the Foldspear. As long as the threads are prevented from building up corrosion (a little silicone oil or anti-sieze on the threads helps) then the internal shock cord will be easily replaceable throughout the life of the spear.

Shock-cord replacement

If your shock cord does wear out, or you wish to shorten/lengthen your Foldspear, replacing the cord is very easy. Simply unscrew the two aluminum pieces at each end of the spear. Use any hard dowel shaped tool to push the old cord out. The Foldspear replacement shock cord comes in the apropriate length and premarked. These marks are where you will tie your knots. Knot one end on the mark and insert the other unknotted end from the front (tip end) through the tubes. After passing the shock cord through the lengths of the spear, hold the tension and tie a knot at the band end on your mark. The knots should be pulled through until they rest on the inserts of the end tubes.  Please see our catalog for replacement items.

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