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We’re pleased to announce two new items in the online store,  Lionfish Holding Bags for safely carrying your lionfish in and out of the water. The “Lionfish Hotel” includes a carrying handle on the hard plastic one-way opening and the clear vinyl bag features mesh reinforcements to prevent the lionfish’s venomous spines from penetrating the bag. Lionfish go in the opening and a flap closes behind them (like popular lobster bags). The quick release buckle and a thumbscrew allow the bag to be removed from the opening section for removal of lionfish. The bag has two grommets on the bottom for quick draining and reduced drag while swimming.

Lionfish holding bag

 We are also now carrying Armor Bags Made in the USA Lionfish holding bag. This high quality lionfish catch bag has a backside (the side held closest to the user) that is made of a tough 18oz vinyl coated fabric that will help minimize spines sticking through.

All saltwater-proof components and construction
Stainless ring and web handles to carry the bag
Size: 26″ long and 25″ wide at the bottom
Made in the USA with lifetime warranty.

Armor bags lionfish holding bagUpdate 12/4/2012  – We’ve added a third style of Lionfish hunting container. See all of our Lionfish bags here.

For even more great lionfish bags and other lionfish hunting spears and equipment check out our partner website www.LionfishHunting.com 

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