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Searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the spearfisher in your family? Do you know someone who loves snorkeling, diving, or cruising tropical waters aboard their boat? The Foldspear makes a great Christmas present idea for several reasons: It’s small, it’s unique, it’s attractive in it’s flashy blue anodized color and quality holster, it’s great for men and women, excellent for snorkelers and scuba divers, and the perfect gift for new and experienced spearfishermen alike. The lionfish hunter package is a great gift idea for any scuba diver who likes travelling to Florida or Caribbean destinations.  Foldspear is the ultimate travel spear. Looking for small, inexpensive gift ideas for the underwater hunter? Try the Lionfish Cookbook or one of our T-shirts. For more great lionfish hunting gifts, spears, gear and more visit our partner website at www.LionfishHunting.com 

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