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Standard 6mm Threaded Tip
The Foldspear comes with a 6mm threaded tip at the end of a stainless steel shank (below). This threaded tip is a common size for most spear tips you might wish to add.

6mm Threaded Tip

Replaceable Stainless Steel Shank
The other end of the replaceable stainless steel shank has standard 5/16″ threads.

stainless steel shank

Threaded Ends
The threaded aluminum allows for easy access to the internal shock cord for replacement or to customize the length of your spear.

Threaded Ends

Patented Folding Sections
The unique folding design uses an internal shock cord which allows the Foldspear to collapse to a length of only 14″ – easily storing in its custom holster. It can then be drawn and readied in seconds.

Patented folding polespearKnurled Grip
The new textured, knurled grip covers the middle sections of the spear, and makes it easier to hold the tension on the band while hunting.

grip texture

Easily Replaceable Band
The Foldspear accepts most standard polespear bands for a quick and easy replacement. Try the Hi-power Foldspear band in our catalog for extra power and range!

closeup of band connectionHolster Straps
The comfortable, fully adjustable waist and thigh straps have quick release connections.  Fits so well you’ll almost forget it’s there.

adjustable strapsVelcro Closure
The velcro flap allows for fast and easy one-handed holstering and unholstering of the Foldspear.

velcro close on holsterAvailable in 4, 6, or 8′ Lengths.
The standard Foldspear comes in a 6 foot length when extended, but sections can be easily added or removed to lengthen or shorten by one foot increments!!

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