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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Foldspear.

How does the foldspear work?

Similar to a tent pole, the patented design unfolds and snaps together with inserts to maintain it’s shape. The thick-walled anodized aluminum creates a strong, rigid pole spear. See the use section for more instructions, or watch the short Foldspear TV animation to the right

Where can I get a foldspear?

In our dealers page, we list a growing number of retailers who carry the Foldspear. However, if your dealer does not, you can also order one directly from us. See the catalog for ordering information.

What are the advantages over the screw-apart type of travel spears?

or some of us, every dive is a hunt, but we don’t always want to spend the whole dive with our hands full. Some divers just want a spear handy for those “targets of opportunity”.

Even non-hunters have a peace of mind from knowing they have that spear strapped to their thigh in the unlikely event that a large predator gets too curious. Divemasters really appreciate them, having been jabbed too many times by divers handing them their spears, tip first. And shore dives are infinitely more manageable with a holstered spear. Plus, with the Foldspear’s patented design, there are no pieces to lose, either on the boat or in the water!

Can I get the Foldspear in different colors?

We USED to carry the foldspear in several colors (purple, red, gold, etc) but it turns out that most people just want blue.  So in order to keep up with customer demand, we now just make blue Foldspears.

Can a large fish pull the sections apart?

A large fish may pull one of the sections out if you are unable to grab it (like a grouper in a hole), but the 5/16″ shock cord has a breaking strength of over 200#, so you won’t lose the fish and the spear will snap back together. In most cases, the bungee adds advantages to a rigid spear by allowing the fish to pull against the cord rather than shaking off of the spear.

What type of tips do you sell/can I use?

The Foldspear is machined with 6mm threads to accept most common spear tips. Because of the Foldspear’s unique folding design, tips less than 5″ work best to allow easy holstering. We sell a variety of tips which are guaranteed to work and holster easily with the Foldspear.These are top quality, hardened stainless steel spearfishing tips at some of the best prices that you’ll find on the internet!!

How durable is the internal shock cord?

The shock cord is nylon coated and saltwater resistant so that it will last for years of regular use. It is best to soak the Foldspear in freshwater to remove the salt crystals after use. Also, note that the shock cord is now easily user-replaceable. Inexpensive, pre-cut and pre-marked replacement cords can be purchased from our online store.

What about the band?

Included with the Foldspear is a high-quality, standard polespear band. Should you ever need to replace it, you can do so with normal bands from your local retail shop, or you can order a replacement (both standard or high-power) through our online store.

Will the threaded tip fit into the tripod mount on the bottom of my camera so I can use it as a monopod?

While the thread is not the standard size for most camera housings, we now sell an adapter for converting the Foldspear’s 6mm threads to a standard 1/4-20 thread which fits most cameras. This makes the Foldspear an easy to use underwater monopod which you can holster away when not in use.


Who is the model/photographer?
  • The female model in the blue bikini on the front page of the site is “Darla”. She is a fitness model and sponsored motorcycle racer.
  • The photographer (for Darla) and most of the product shots in the Online store is Tagg Leduc.
  • The testimonial photos are submitted by their respective owners and retain their copyrights.
  • The lionfish photos are used with permission granted by the following Flickr members:




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