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This is another reminder for the Blue Wild Expo next Weekend.

5th annual “The Blue Wild Dive Expo on May 28 and 29 — “The Diving Event of the Year in Florida!”
Broward County Convention Center, $15 entry (under 10 is free).  For more info, http://thebluewild.com/

World class speakers and marine artists — Stan Waterman, William Trubridge, Tom Mount, Martin Stepanek, Manny Puig, Terry Maas, Art Pinder, Daryl Wong, Bob Croft, Dimitris Kollias, and more….covering Scuba, Freediving,  Survival, Spearfishing, Lobstering, Photography, Videography, etc.  Includes Dive Exhibitors, hands-on Workshops, Marine Art exhibits, and a giant Raffle.  Don’t miss the fun!  

Followed by Art Pinder Spearfishing Tournament on Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day).
For more info, http://southfloridafreedivers.com/artPinder2011.html

Stop by and see us in the Foldspear Booth, #309 where we will have incredible specials on Foldspears and Accessories. Deals so good that we can’t even post on here because it would cause pandemonium and rioting in the streets! The Broward Convention Center probably could not handle the crowds that would jam the Expo if we were to broadcast the amazingly low prices we will be offering! Don’t miss this event!  But if you do, don’t worry, we’ll be blogging live from the show and you can spend your weekend living vicariously through us 🙂

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